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10月 30 2010

  刮开电池防伪标识的黑色涂层,可见20位编码(若没有即为假货)。据此在Nokia官方网站查询真伪。原装电池显示“Your battery code is valid.”(仅第一次验证有效)。非首次查询或赝品,则提示电池编码已被验证,显示如下:

Authentication Unsuccessful: Code already in use
The code you submitted matches a code that has already been authenticated.
If you bought the battery second-hand and the 20-digit code on the hologram label was already visible,it is possible that the previous owner already authenticated the code. To confirm that your battery is an authentic original Nokia Battery, please take your battery to the nearest authorized Nokia service center or dealer.
If you uncovered the 20-digit code yourself and this is the first time you have submitted the code for authentication, please see further steps >>


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