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Nokia Multimedia Converter v2.0

10月 16 2010 Published by under 所有与电脑相关的...

Nokia Multimedia Converter 2.0, including an enhanced user interface and support for 128 kbps video bit stream, is a tool for converting common multimedia files (such as AVI, WAV, MPEG, and MP3) into standard 3GPP/AMR, H.263, wideband-, and narrow-band-AMR-supported formats for use in mobile phone applications such as MMS. Original and converted multimedia and 3GPP/AMR formats can be played on a PC.

  一款将音频或视频转化为Nokia手机支持的amr、awb及3gp格式的转换软件。现在,大多网站提供的下载是Nokia Multimedia Converter Pro v2.0。这版(Nokia Multimedia Converter v2.0)很难找。我选择它是因为在转换音频时,它提供了两种格式amr、wb amr(awb)。从声音效果来看,awb要比amr清晰一些。而Nokia Multimedia Converter Pro v2.0只能将音频转换为amr格式。但它们的视频转化效果一般。总得来说,算是比较实用的一款软件。


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